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Twigs and Roses is the finest home decor store in North Alabama. Located in Historic Downtown Gadsden we provide quality products that can make any home become extravagent and beautiful. Along with our excellent products we also provide decorating services that can arrange your new merchandise or rearrange the ones you already have. Our goal here at Twigs and Roses is to provide are customers with the highest quality service possible.  


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Who We Are

Our specialists can help you select the perfect decor to express your individual style and tastes, without the expense of traditional interior design studios.


Twigs & Roses Decor

Twigs & Roses offers a wonderful selection of home decor and furniture pieces and also provides quality decorating services. Our goal is to help provide you with all of your decorating needs.


Mission Statement:

Our intentions at Twigs & Roses is to provide high quality merchandise and services to our clients with the utmost care to our clients vision and decorating needs.  



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